Monday, 22 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

It's about time I wrote another post, even if only a short one, as it's been 10 days since the last time. Truth be told, not much has really happened since then so there isn't that much of interest to talk about anyway!

Went to football training last Wednesday on the NSC astro. There was a disappointing turnout but we did some running and then played a 1 hr 15 minute 6-a-side game, which was a decent runaround at least. That was the first time I have played on the NSC since it has been resurfaced and it seems worse to me than it used to be - definitely a lot harder when you fall on it!

With all the rain last week, the football match on Saturday was called off so I drove to St Johns and walked up Slieu Whallian instead, just at a leisurely pace and in hiking boots because it's an absolute killer. I try to do a fair bit of letterboxing when back home (if you're wondering what it is, have a look at

Managed to find the box having been there before, but the plantation looks a lot different in winter when there are more fallen trees to contend with.

I desperately need new trainers to start walking again. I last bought a pair in April for the "7 Stations" but after that and the Parish they started to wear badly, which I was disappointed about as they are a reputable brand. I'm tempted to go and see Ben Scott to ask him to check my gait and recommend some shoes because I don't really want to spend money on a pair of shoes that are only going to last me 2 events before they start rubbing.

Have a relaxing Christmas!


Martijn Biesmans said...

Hi Adam,

Happy Christmas to you as well.

It's very easy, just copy/paste the hyperlink to your blog and it will work !!!

Good luck !!!

Julia Furner said...

I have asics running shoes. But I use these for walking too. I think Asics are a great make. I would definately recommend them.

Julia Furner said...

I have just looked at what letterboxing is and although I don't rally understand it, it seems really interesting! Can you please elaborate?