Sunday, 15 February 2009

Was that really nearly 6 years ago?

I was browsing the site a couple of days ago and noticed there is a new featured walker, Gordon Corran. I had a scan through his profile and was amazed to see myself in one of the pictures! It was taken by Murray at the Round Table in 2003...the first time I ever did anything for the Parish. I am standing by the road sign wearing the blue and black jacket (which is still lurking in the wardrobe, but is effectively in retirement)and yellow marshals' bib.

Back on point, the last 10 days or so have been rather poor again as far as training is concerned. I had football training on Wednesday but the pitches were so sticky that I ended up trying to turn body to go one way, but my legs stayed rooted in the ground and I twisted my knee quite badly. Fortunately that was the last action of the session, so I was able to get back home and get some ice on the knee pretty quickly.

I could feel quite a lot of pain on Thursday and Friday but I found that the more mobile I was, the less pain I could feel. It was only when sitting still for long periods that the pain started to come back. Come Saturday I felt pretty good and was tempted to take part in training again but it was called off until today. In the event the knee was still sore this morning so I decided discretion was the better part of valour and stayed at home to eat bagels instead.

I don't think it is anything serious. I was able to run back from town today without any pain, so I expect to play 90 minutes on Wednesday in one of the many games re-arranged because of the snow. I've got lots of work for the first half of this week, but either Thursday or Friday I will get out walking because with one thing and another it has been far too long since my last decent walk.

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