Sunday, 5 April 2009

Day of rest, for once

I've had another busy but productive week both from a work and sport point of view, but am really looking forward to the week ahead where I plan to do very little (except maybe a couple of essays that really need to be finished.)

I managed 45 minutes of walking at the NSC on Tuesday and Thursday, as well as football on Monday and Wednesday and the match yesterday. Neither of the football training sessions were too taxing but I have spent most of this weekend feeling quite run-down, with the classic headache, temperature, aching limbs etc that come from doing too much in a short space of time. Yesterday I got in from the football, watched the Grand National and then didn't really move from the sofa until I went out for an 18th birthday in the late evening.

My walking action is, I think, getting better all the time. The acid test will be doing a longer walk, say around 10 or so miles, at Parish pace to see how I feel after that distance. I didn't feel like doing anything physical today so for once Sunday was devoid of any sport-related activity. I'll hopefully feel better and a bit more motivated on either Tuesday or Wednesday when I hope to get out and do a decent route to see how things are going. I used to get really sore shoulders after just a few miles but the lower you can keep your arms, and the more relaxed your shoulders are, the better it should feel. I'm still getting to grips with this but I'm certain it will be of benefit in the long run.

That's all for now, especially after the length of last week's posting!

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