Wednesday, 15 April 2009

It's all go

Since my travails on the Sloc on Sunday, Monday has been the only day where I haven't done anything physical. I am never this active at Uni so I am enjoying every day back home and trying to pack in as much as possible. I really feel that it is paying dividens because I am feeling in better physical shape than I have done for a quite a while, and this is showing in both my walking and the football.

On Tuesday I managed three laps of the NSC roadway before I had to leave to go football training. The evening was cool and cloudy, what I consider to be ideal walking conditions, and I enjoyed the laps at a leisurely pace with Bernie and Tony Ball who are regulars in the Parish. The childrens' cycling league is just getting started again so I think if we had tried to stay any longer we'd probably have been told where to get off anyway!

Afterwards I went to football, which was supposedly a relaxed session because of the rearranged game that we had this evening. In the event we ended up playing 45 minutes, full pitch 11-a-side with everyone (1st team and Combination) getting involved, so we weren't exactly fresh when we called it a day to go and watch the Chelsea v Liverpool game. Despite that, I felt pretty good this evening before the match. Quite frankly we were taken apart by the opposition but from a personal point of view, when the final whistle blew I felt like I could have kept on running for a bit longer, which is always a good thing. Plus I actually managed an effort on goal, not bad for a defender who very rarely enters the 'nosebleed territory' of the opposition half, let alone their penalty area!

Tomorrow I'll try and do a bit more than three laps of the NSC, football having been cancelled to let us rest after tonight. I'm pretty annoyed that it's changed from Monday and Wednesday to Tuesday and Thursday (when I usually try and go walking) but at least tomorrow I won't feel pressured for time when I'm walking.

Finally, I received a catalogue in the post today from These are the people from whom I bought my latest pair of trainers, but they sell all sorts from gloves to water bottles, waterproofs and high-vis bibs. The website is very comprehensive and worth considering I think if you are in need of some new bits and pieces. Some of their trainers are very cheap at the moment too.

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