Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Dermot O'Toole's book

Just something I forgot to add yesterday. I recently bought a copy of 'A Walk Through Time' which is the definitive history of the Parish Walk and was written by Dermot O'Toole, who has finished the course on numerous occasions.

It's a great read and covers everything from the historical origins of the walk to a year-by-year report. I'd recommend having a skeet at it in the bookshops at the very least. I think it's available pretty much everywhere.

By the way if anyone found a yellow Dunlop hat down at Ronaldsway on Sunday, I would be very gratful as quite amusingly it blew off my head in the middle of the walk.

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Jade Maddrell said...

Don't worry Adam, bright yellow hat is winging its way to you for your birthday! (Along with other stuff too of course!)

My training starts tomorrow........ Wish me luck!