Thursday, 22 January 2009

Walking in the dark

This week seems to have gone especially quickly; happily it is Friday tomorrow and the weekend beckons! I've now had chance to get back into the swing of Uni life since getting back on Sunday night.

Wednesday afternoon is always free from lectures as the Uni set the time aside for sports training, so I had football yesterday from 1.30 until 4. Normally we don't go on that late, but we've got a big game coming up on Saturday so we spent some extra time practising corners, free-kicks and the like before the usual free-for-all game at the end.

I've decided to really try and get into a regime of doing some walking twice a week if possible. It was quite easy when I was home for Christmas, given that I didn't have any evening commitments on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. In Durham though it's a bit more difficult because Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays tend to get taken up with other things, only really leaving me with Thursday. Theoretically of course I could go out during the early morning (but would rather be in bed, it's too cold up here at 7am!) or during the day, but work has to take precedence over training.

Tonight I managed to get out for a decent 45 minute session. In all honesty I could have chosen a better route because 3/4 of it was in total darkness along the river and then a public footpath leading into a housing estate. I did manage to build up some good speed on the flat sections and there are a couple of notable hills which just stretched things out a little bit. I was still feeling a bit sore from the football, but nothing too bad, and got home feeling that I had done just about the right amount. It's a bit disconcerting when you can't really see where you are going, so I'll have to re-think evening walks for next time I reckon.

Tomorrow will be a quiet day of lectures, library and rest for the match on Saturday. I might try a gentle wander along the river on Sunday, when I can see where I am going. Also I finally managed to get my entry in for the Parish tonight, so there is no going back now!

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