Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all had a pleasant time on Wednesday night, whether at home or in town. I've never really been big on celebrating New Year, but have come to appreciate it more in the last couple of years, especially when invites from friends to their house 'gatherings' come along. This year though I didn't drink much and was home by 12.30 ready for work on Thursday morning. Maybe a short straw, but it was my fault for agreeing to go in. At least it was double pay, which will cover the new pair of trainers that I bought online last week!

This week I have done pretty well in terms of getting out walking. After Sunday's leisurely 5-miler I went out again on Monday and covered about the same distance but in a shorter time, as I was by myself. I parked the car at the Mountain Box and went for a stroll around the moors opposite the north face of Snaefell. It was very chilly and there was very thick ice in places. To be honest I was glad to get back into the car afterwards but I felt invigorated and was glad I made the effort. I did a triangular route via the Watershed Cairn on the Millennium Way (the pic at the top) followed by the summit of Slieau Managh and then a steep descent into Block Eary, which is the valley that starts roughly where the Black Hut is and runs along the base of Snaefell on the Ramsey side.

On Tuesday evening I went to the NSC and did 6 laps of the perimeter road (which I think is near enough 3 miles.) This was the first decent speed training session I have done since the End to End and it felt really good. My heels and calves were hurting quite a lot at the end of it, but after some gentle stretching as a warm-down and a hot bath, everything felt ok. I was down there for about an hour in total but that included some stops during the laps. I'm not quite sure what sort of pace I was doing, but it was 'brisk' to say the least. I made a bit of an error in wearing shorts, because it was bitterly chilly down there, so future night training might have to be in tracksuit trousers - not exactly the most comfortable but at least they will keep me a bit warmer. Plus when the new trainers finally get here, it will be a lot more comfortable and I hope to be able to gradually increase the distance.

On Wednesday morning I went out with mum. We climbed South Barrule and actually found ourselves above the mist that had been swirling about the Round Table crossroads. It was very surreal to see the summit of Snaefell poking out from a mass of white about feeling like you are standing on top of the world! We walked along the moors to the Glen Rushen mines and then came back along the road. It took about 3 hours and I think must have been about 5 miles, although I haven't had a proper look on the map. In the main I am not too worried at the moment about how far I am walking, just trying to get out regularly and get some fresh air.

I've arranged to go hiking with a friend tomorrow if the weather stays dry, and will try some road walking on Sunday if the shoes are here tomorrow. Next week will be a bit more difficult as I have got some work experience in town from 9 until 5.30 every day, so I will have to get to football training and then see if I can make time to get some walking done during the other evenings.

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