Friday, 22 May 2009

Almost there...

Four exams down and only two left, both on Tuesday 2nd June which gives me 10 days welcome respite from the late nights and ready meals. This week had played merry havoc with my body clock, I didn't know it was actually possible to go from lunch until 11pm without eating! Damn the library and its guilt-inducing late opening hours.

Fortunately this break means that I'll hopefully be able to devote a bit more time to training than I have been doing. This week I've been out running twice - once last night for about 3 miles and also on Tuesday for about 45 mins. I'm still feeling physically quite good and have even gone for the last 4 weeks without any alcohol (?student?!) but I decided to have a crafty pint earlier after walking out of the exam hall with the pub literally across the road. Plus, I can't complain at the stupidly cheap North-East prices ;)

I'm starting to think about all the little things that I need to make sure are bought and ready in the house a couple of days before the event. I've decided to try a few new bits and pieces this year in terms both of food and equipment (new socks) so if I make a list now of the important things that I can't just get from Tesco then hopefully that will remind me to leave enough time to get them sorted in plenty of time. I definitely need some of those electrolyte drinks - the Lucozade version is quite nice - as well as the obvious things like plasters, suncream (he says) etc. Oh, and a yellow hat. Apparently it makes me easy to spot for mum, because "Nobody else has one, I can see you in the crowd!" Sadly (but it was quite funny) my previous one blew off in the wind at Ronaldsway during the winter league. So please don't all go out and get one otherwise you'll be getting offered random food by my mother!

I'm really looking forward to getting home for a week during TT. It's something I enjoy every year, both for the bikes and the atmosphere. Thankfully there are only about 10 days to go (I get back on Wednesday 3rd.) Last year I was unlucky with exams and missed half of race week but with the event falling later this year, I'll be able to get it all in. In terms of walking I'll probably stick around Baldwin and Marine Drive because it can be difficult to find other suitable routes, especially in Douglas. I know Maughold is a nice area to go walking, but it's the fighting through 20,000-odd extra bikes to get there that puts me off a bit.

For the weekend, I'm optimistic of getting a decent walk done on Sunday, and will try and do some speed training tonight if the Uni. athletics track is free. Next week I'll try and get back into the working mode but I have a big treat coming up a week on Saturday...the FA Cup final. I haven't actually got a ticket for the stadium (£600 online; no chance) but I have got one for the bar just across the road, for a rather more modestly-priced £10. There are a few of us going down on the train and I'm sure we'll have a great day out. It will be even better if Phil Neville lifts the trophy for the toffeemen!

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Julia Furner said...

Just wanted to comment on your last post re the support cars.

I'm glad you brought that up because I think there are too many support cars on the road and it makes the road conjested and very smelly for the walkers having to breath in all the exhaust fumes at the beginning.

I agree with the organisers by the fact that there shouldn't be any support before Peel. I have never had back up to Peel before and I have been very impressed with my results each time.

Even this year when I'm attempting the full distance (if my knee decides to behave) am I only having support after Peel.

Personally, I think support in the End to End walk (40 miles) is also not necessary.

However, after 40 miles is when I start needing support, as this is when I start running out of food. Both times whilst walking the Sara Killey event (50.5 miles) I had to ring my mum at about the 40 mile mark and ask her to bring me some more food and without her help it would have been very difficult.

I carry a big bumbag which ties around my waste which I hardly notice. You will be surprised just how much food you can store. Also, pick up food at every opportunity, even if your not hungary as you can store it in you bum bag. Take 2 marsbars. 1 for then and 1 for later. I usually end up with loads of food left in my bumbag at the end, but I'd rather that than be hungary.