Tuesday, 5 May 2009

'Follow his distractions'

That's what it says on the bloggers page on the website. Well strictly speaking, it actually says 'Adam is hoping to get to Peel... follow his progress and his distractions.'

Unfortunately, this week has been geared far more towards the distractions than the progress, hence the blog title and a post that I'm afraid is not likely to be particularly interesting. Nevertheless there is hope for the end of the week to get a bit more training done.

Physically I am feeling pretty good at the moment, so there is nothing stopping me from walking/running/playing football on that score. Sadly it's that time of year for students though and there is no escape from the dreaded 'e' word. Mine start exactly 2 weeks today, I have 4 in the space of 5 days (could be better) but then a 10-day gap before my final two on the 2nd June (could be much worse.) To inspire my revision and provide an end-of-exams treat I have today swelled the coffers of the Steam Packet to get me back to the rock the very day after the exams - for what's left of TT practice and all of race week. :)

Yesterday and today were the final two days of revision lectures, so between now and the end of May I have a blank timetable with no academic commitments at all - just revision. I have been trying to work hard and get as much done as possible, meaning that on a few occassions in the last few days I have been in the library until late in the evening and have not had the chance nor the will to do any training. I'm thinking I'll treat myself to a 6 or 7 o'clock finish on Friday so there should be enough light left for an hour or so of running or walking, whichever seems the more appealing. By then I'll need a Tesco trip so perhaps I could walk up there and get the bus back.

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