Thursday, 5 March 2009

Back in the walking groove

Tonight at long last I managed to get out for a proper walking session instead of football or running. Well not strictly true, as I mixed the walking with some running, but it was the first time in about 3 weeks that I have done any serious walking.

I was out for around an hour and deliberately chose a route with some steep hills. There were also some good flat sections and a bit of downhill too, so I was able to have a good balanced session covering all the important levels of gradient. I finished off with a flat-out sprint over about 150m back to the house and felt surprisingly ok afterwards, so from a fitness point of view I think I am doing quite well so far.

Yesterday we played and won in the football, and I managed a full game again. So far I haven't missed a minute of the action and our final league game is a week on Saturday so fingers crossed I will be able to claim being ever-present in our promotion-winning season (we need to draw or win our final game.) This tends to be the time of year that people pick up injuries or are buried with work, as term is winding down, so I am fairly confident of a full 90 minutes next weekend.

Whilst having a browse at earlier, I came across something I hadn't noticed before - the videos section down the left hand side underneath 'photos old and new.' The most recent video is an interview with race director Ray Cox which was shot in November. It includes a brief review of the conditions last year and the organisers' plans for this year's event and is worth a look, at:

Enjoy the weekend...has the snow melted yet?!

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