Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Still alive

I've just logged on to the website and realised that it's almost 2 weeks since the last time I posted on the blog, which is pretty poor really, considering that I've generally managed to do something more often than that. Having said that though, there hasn't really been anything interesting going on, as I have been busy trying to clear work out of the way before Easter so that it does not get left until the last minute.

Last Saturday the football team won 3-1 and therefore we were promoted for next season. Unfortunately I didn't play as I was in Middlesborough with my housemate, watching football of a slightly better quality! I was disappointed to miss the game not only because of the result but also for the exercise...it's nice to be able to get some fresh air at the weekend after 5 days of mental effort. I did however manage a training session last Wednesday, followed by an 80 minute practice game for another team from the same college who were short a few players.

Training is happening again tomorrow against the college 3rd team (we have 6 teams and I play for the 4th team.) We have actually beaten them twice out of three attempts this year so fingers crossed that it will be third time lucky tomorrow. After that I plan to get a walk done on Thursday, with the ever-lengthening evenings being good motivation. I leave Durham on Friday to spend the weekend in Somerset with my housemate at his place. We are going to Portsmouth v Everton on Saturday (he is a Portsmouth fan) so that will be 2 Premiership games in as many weeks...a nice end-of-term treat, plus a chance to sample some decent pie and cider!

I'm back home on Monday and straight into 2 weeks of work experience in town but hopefully I can get out in the evenings, whether it be running or walking, and play some more football at the weekends. It's very frustrating listening to Manx Radio sport every Saturday and being unable to get home to at least try and help halt our worrying lack of form!


Martijn Biesmans said...

Hi Adam,

I'm glad to hear that you are still alive !

Best regards,

Gill said...

Hi Adam came across your blog while researching the family tree, my grandfather was a Killip from Lonan area. Never been to Isle of Man myself, (born London and living in Spain since 1970), but always wanted to after hearing my mothers stories of their holidays there when she was a child. If anyone in your family is into family trees I would be interested to hear from them, Regards, Gill
PS. the Killip name lives on here with me as married women in Spain keep their single names and add the mothers surname before marriage to this.