Friday, 19 June 2009


Finally here were are, the night before the Parish. How scary does that sound. This time tomorrow we'll either be reminiscing about what happened in Rushen or slogging through Smeale in the evening sunshine(!)

I've packed my box for my support car with all the drinks and food I hope I'll need - pineapple, watermelon, crisps, chicken sarnies, rice cakes and lots of Lucozade/Powerade. Just need to register now...I'm off to do that in 10 mins and then to Paparazzi for the now-traditional pre-Parish pasta and chicken with mum and Sue. Just a word on the coke/pure orange juice mix I mentioned yesterday - I only intend to use this in the last 4 miles before the finish and I don't think it's suitable to drink in the middle of your walk because of all the sugar and of course the caffeine (I will be avoiding the caffeine for the rest of the walk.)

I've had a pretty stressful day running around trying to get last-minute things and get arrangements made for tomorrow, but now I'm actually feeling quite relaxed and am looking forward to the event. If you're worried about anything then just try to relax and not panic. It may be easy to say but the bottom line is to enjoy the day and have fun with 1,624 other like-minded people. Blisters, sunshine, rain etc may all happen but just deal with them as they come and don't worry beforehand about what you might/could do, otherwise it's a lot of fuss over nothing if it doesn't happen!

I wish everyone all the best of luck for tomorrow and I hope everything goes to plan. I am now number 1550, which seems to have changed in the last couple of weeks for some reason, so please come and say hi or give me a wave at the start or during the walk. I've got a black and green hat this year as attempts to get another yellow one were unsuccessful, so look out for that!

Fingers crossed for the weather and most importantly, enjoy the day! :) :)

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