Tuesday, 2 June 2009

My very own London Marathon

I was in London on Saturday for the FA Cup Final, possibly not a good idea given that I had 2 exams today - fortunately the last 2 :)- but I didn't want to miss out on the atmosphere. I couldn't get hold of a ticket for the stadium itself but went to a bar right next to it to watch the game. I was hoping to post an amusing pic but it hasn't been 'Facebooked' yet so it will have to wait until the next post.

Sometimes you forget just how much walking you do when getting around in London, even if you take the Tube. I had to get from Kings Cross to Baker Street then Marylebone to Wembley, which wasn't too bad but of course it was very busy. The more challenging bit was after the match when I went the wrong way for Wembley Park station and ended up nearly a mile away at Neasden! Not so pleasant in 24 degree heat, I was a little bit toasty. It was a close run thing getting back to Kings X in time for the mainline train, and overall taking the day as a whole it was a pretty gruelling physical workout. I probably walked/ran further than I would have done during an hour's training session!

I cannot wait to get home tomorrow. I'm a big TT fan and it's very frustrating missing out on uncharacteristically sunny practice week weather, and the practising itself. As well as that, I am going to hit the training pretty hard for about another week and then start to wind down before the big day. I'm thinking a hill workout round Saddlestone after the bikes tomorrow and then a 12 mile loop around the Sloc on Thursday. I'll probably go up on the Mountain for the last practice on Friday so that will be good training in itself. After that I think it will have to be Baldwin and Marine Drive for a week or so.

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