Sunday, 7 June 2009

Two weeks?!

I can't believe that there are only two weeks to go. I have no idea where the time has gone but here we are in the final 14 days of preparation before one of my favourite local events of the year.

This has been a very productive week for me, despite all the distractions. On Thursday I went for a 12-mile loop around Colby and the Sloc. It was very warm so I took a large squash bottle filled with water and also a Lucozade sachet to bury in a hedge somewhere, for me to collect halfway round. I started with a full 500ml bottle, drank it all up to halfway and then refilled the bottle from the water and sachet stash. When I finished I drove back and picked up the squash bottle and finished off the rest of the water. I was certainly glad I had done this because there was no way I would have managed with just the one bottle. I was pleased with my speed and fitness but the blisters are still a problem. I don't think my feet ever really properly healed after the Fire Stations and although they are getting there now, I am resigned to the fact that the Parish is not going to go 100% smoothly. I've just got to plan as best I can and put up with it.

Yesterday I went out hiking (in the rain - not a great idea.) I felt good afterwards but if I had looked out of the window before agreeing on the phone to go out, I probably would have stayed at home! I was out for about 2 hours and just went up South Barrule and back again, no idea of the distance but all good training I suppose.

I have just come back now from Marine Drive. It was a bit breezy up there but I managed an 8-or-so mile loop starting from Douglas Head, along Marine Drive, around Port Soderick and back again. I went with mum and she did a shorter loop so that we finished just about the same time. There were plenty of people out walking but only 2 other 'Parish' walkers - it's always nice to see other people out doing the same thing that you are.

I'm going to finish my drinks/nutrition research tonight and will try to post tomorrow some of the stuff that I have found out. Hopefully it might give you a few ideas if (like me) you're not quite sure exactly what to eat/drink on the day. I've got a rough plan in my head but even some basic Google searches have given me some good ideas. Eating enough salt is definitely the main aim so I plan on a few packs of Doritos and some electrolyte sachets.

To end with a quote from one of my favourite films: (as Mrs Doubtfire says) "But we'll get into that tomorrow boys and girls." (!)

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Fraser Mackay said...


Good luck on 20th/21st June 2009. I am entering for the first time but did Top to Bottom Walk last year which I did enjoy. I have a strategy but key to me is getting my shoes/socks right. I was interested in your comments as to salt and the major benefits of this. My entry - No 701, and I hope I finish!! Fraser.