Thursday, 18 June 2009

'Spanish' Walk

I promised myself that I would be early to bed tonight to help my body prepare for the early start on Saturday, but it wasn't to be, and when I remembered I hadn't written a blog for a while I thought I had better post a quick update.

I went out in the car tonight and drove the Parish route from the start to Peel. This was for a friend of mine who is attempting the event for the first time as she wasn't quite sure where to go. As we were driving up the Sloc the sun was just beginning to set and the view across the sea reminded me of the view from a place that I stayed at in Menorca a few years ago. That then got me thinking about Spain and then that led me onto thinking about something very funny that happened a couple of years ago.

Mum has a friend, Sue, with whom she always does the Parish. This is their 5th year - they always go to Rushen and sometimes Sue goes to Peel as well (she was one of the hardy souls who managed it last year.) A couple of years ago she was talking about the Parish walk a few days beforehand and her son, who was only about 5 or 6 at the time, overheard the conversation. He then began telling anyone who would listen about his mum's entry for the forthcoming 'Spanish walk!' It gave me a chuckle anyway and it's now a running joke with the three of us: "Have you got your Spanish entry in," "It's the Spanish in 2 days" etc etc. Hopefully the weather won't quite be Spanish in temperature on Saturday!

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